Traces of Touch 2017-18

Skin is constantly changing, regenerating, dying and renewing. It touches another, itself, and is itself being touched. More than a surface, or an envelope containing the body, it never ‘closes its eyes’. It gives, receives and remembers the imprints and traces of touch.

In these works in progress, I explore the traces and expressions of touch, recording and materializing imprints and passages formed by touch in movement, developing research inspired by my work teaching at Imperial College medical school

 ‘Skin reminds us that the body moves all the time, composing and decomposing itself, sensing all the while. Senses play on and beyond our surfaces – our skins – enabling not only new ways of coming to experience, but different ways of thinking the relation between making sense and sensing, between knowing and sensing, between expression and and content, between surface and depth.’ 

Erin Manning – The Politics of Touch, University of Minnesota Press 2007, p114

Stoneware, terracotta and porcelain