Continuum, 2019 (clay, unfired)

‘Continuum’ was an ephemeral, site-specific work made from raw unfired clay, shown with WhiteNoise Projects at ‘Past and Present Tense’ at The Crypt Gallery, September 2019.

Reminiscent of how clay is formed, via glacial activity, bringing ever smaller rock particles from the mountains to riverbeds, ‘Continuum’ sat in a cycle of making through unmaking, decreasing (or increasing) from fragments to dust. The dry dust and fragments expanded and contracted, sinking in places, via the slow and otherwise imperceptible flow of water in the Crypt Gallery. Over several days, the initially dry clay dust and fragments absorbed water and moulds from the damp, cold environment, and became malleable clay again.

Unfired, and therefore re-useable, the clay will form further iterations in future work.