Reading Bodies

A handling collection of tactile ceramic pieces, designed for observation skills workshops for medical students at Imperial College London. 

This is an interdisciplinary and collaborative project, supported by the UAL Mead Scholarship, designed to improve observation skills, inspire descriptive language, and develop touch as a way of noticing small differences, and seeing more. 

Objects are concealed in a bag or box, and invoke a tactile response. Students explore hidden objects through touch only, which they then describe through drawing, writing, and 3D modelling. Observation of small differences and detailed description are more important than identification.

The initial collection of 32 ceramic and mixed media objects, and bags from a variety of highly textured fabrics, create a 360 degree tactile environment.

With thanks for support from The Mead Scholarship, colleagues at Imperial College London - Dr Jamila Sherif, Dr Senita Mountjoy, Dr Afrina Alam and Giskin Day - and the students of Imperial College.